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AQUAS WATER – HAGUE is your local water conditioning company from Modesto, CA, meeting all of your home and business water needs for over 30 years.

We are a dealer for Hague Quality Water® and specialize in water purification systems such as the WaterMAX® water softening and cleaning system to provide superior quality softened water for your home or business as well as the H6500 reverse osmosis system to filter and clean drinking water for your health and enjoyment.
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John Layman is the owner of AQUAS WATER – HAGUE and has many years of experience in the water purification industry. His business is founded upon his principals of integrity. You can count on him to do his best in providing the quality of service that he would expect himself. As John states, he does not “sell” and he is not a “salesperson.” All he does is tell the facts regarding what the products he provides do to water and for you. It sells itself because it is a product that benefits everyone, both in quality of life and health. John stands behind the products he provides just as Hague Quality Water, the manufacturer, does by providing a 25 year guarantee.

Quality Water Results

Purified by a customized water softening system which offers a 25 year guarantee, the resulting water quality is excellent. Not only is chlorine treated, but the dead bacteria killed by the chlorine are treated. Sediment (dirt) and other chemicals and minerals are removed as well preventing clogged pipes and corroded fixtures such as faucets and copper piping. Taste the difference of a pure, natural drinking source for your life, and see the difference in your clothes, dishes, and even cars from using soft water.


Investing locally grows and vitalizes our community. We show commitment to community by offering a rebate program called Invest in Community Economy (I.C.E.), rewarding businesses for investing locally. Call and ask about our I.C.E. program to participate.
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With your interest in helping to support your favorite organization, simply fill out the information, and an AQUAS representative will call at a convenient time you note on the form. We are NOT hard sell. John Layman will inform and show you what Difference the HAGUE WATER CONDITIONER will make in your water Quality, and then YOU make the decision if you are interested further.

Once the sale has been fully consummated and you have signed off on The Certificate of Completion, the NON-PROFIT will receive their gift. We appreciate your interest and we trust you feel free to call, as AQUAS will explain details further, to give you a comfortable feeling that you are working with a reputable company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you test my water for hardness and contaminants?
How often does the water treatment system, WaterMax®, need to have its filters changed?
How long does the Hague manufacturer guarantee its water treatment system, the WaterMax®?
Can I have the WaterMax® water softener installed outside?
What maintenance is required of the water softener?
Is softened water the same quality as filtered drinking water?

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