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AQUAS WATER – HAGUE Whole House Water Purification System

The Hague WaterMAX®

Hague Water Max - water purification in Modesto, CA
Hague WaterMAX® is a custom designed water treatment system. City water or well, Water MAX® can offer a patented approach to solving your home's specific water needs. The WaterMAX® Multi-Compartment Media Tank offers complete flexibility in softener media configuration.

The well water configuration treats sulfur odor as well as softens and filters your water. The city water configuration for municipally supplied water treats dirt and sediment, chlorine taste, removes odors, and treats hardness. Known throughout the world, WaterMAX® has won seven U.S. patents ensuring that you are provided with years of trouble-free water treatment in your home.

Computerized Control of Your Water Softener System

Maximum Efficiency

The flexibility of the solid state System Control makes it possible to regenerate on demand by calendar or by exact water usage. A low voltage 12 VAC transformer powers the System Control and once it is set, no other maintenance is required except the periodic addition of salt or salt substitute such as potassium.

AQUAS WATER – HAGUE Under Sink Purification System


The Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis

  • Positions Under Sink
  • Instant Purified Drinking Water on Tap
  • Quality Water for Baby Formula
  • Better Tasting Coffee, Tea & Juice
  • Better Care for Plants and Aquariums
  • Low Sodium Diets & Weight Loss Programs
Reverse Osmosis used by the H6500 is a filtration process to reduce minerals, organic matter or chlorine from your water. It uses high pressure to force the liquid through a membrane, keeping the dissolved solids on one side with only the pure water passing through.

The H65500 reduces contaminants found in water such as arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium, Fluoride, Lead, Selenium, Radium, TDS and Turbidity to less than the legal limits of the State levels. The H6500 is designed for maximum water cleaning efficiency and only requires periodic replacement of disposable filters. It is efficient on 30 psi water pressure, has non-electric operation, and has up to 33% more tank pressure resulting in more increased flow and volume.

Compared to other systems, the Hague H6500 fills its tank up to 5 times faster and the membrane technology reduces up to 99% of total dissolved solids. With 4 times less waste water going down the drain compared to competitors, you can save hundreds of dollars per year on utility and grocery bills while reducing landfill waste by eliminating the need for bottled water.

Hague's H6500 Reverse Osmosis System is backed by a comprehensive 25-year limited warranty.

The Water Purification Process

  • Stage 1 – Mechanical Filtration
  • Stage 2 – Carbon Absorption
  • Stage 3 – Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Stage 4 – Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Stage 5 – Activated Carbon Block Absorption

What is OXIDIZE IT™?

A patented oxidation system leaving clothes cleaner and fresher. An American product, it is specifically designed to produce soft, clean, fresh-scented laundry without bleach, detergents, hot water, or fabric softener. At the same time, it disinfects your clothes.

OXIDIZE IT™ activates by using a safe, electrical impulse which adds powerful activated oxygen and oxidizers to cold water, eliminating the requirement for any hot water. No more hazardous chemicals!

OXIDIZE IT™ is compact and built for convenience without compromising quality. Within minutes, it hooks directly into the cold water line without the need for any special tools. No more allergic reactions to detergents and chemicals since OXIDIZE IT™ is totally chemical-free and environmentally safe.
oxidize it
oxidize it 2


Health Benefits:

  • The O3 created eliminates bacteria and viruses (strep, staph and many more)
  • O3 kills micro-organisms in dirty laundry – 3,000 times faster than bleach
  • Skin irritations and allergic reactions from soaps will be reduced or eliminated


  • No chemicals discharged in environment
  • Less plastic containers will clutter landfills
  • Decreases clogging and increases decomposition in septic systems as detergent kills “good bacteria” that is needed

Energy Savings:

  • Consumes 25 watts of electricity (less than an average light bulb)
  • No need for hot water – power used only when washing machine needs water
  • Clothes dry faster and are more fluffy when soaps are not left in fabric


  • No need to sort clothes by darks and lights, whites and colors, due to the elimination of hot water
  • Clothes will feel softer and more fluffy, since soap is not left behind on fabric
  • Fabric life is extended
  • Requires no detergent, bleach or softeners
  • Installation is easy and takes minutes
  • Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle
  • OXIDIZE IT™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution improves performance of washing machine
  • Uses an advanced Oxidation System many hospitals and hotels have used for years
  • Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems
  • OXIDIZE IT™ has estimated life span of over a decade


The OXIDIZE IT™ is turned on with a vacuum switch. The vacuum is created when the water flows through the venture. Our competitors' units are turned on with a flow switch but that does not mean that there is a vacuum being created. If water runs through the venture but doesn't create a vacuum, it can still appear that the competitors' unit is working. It is necessary for there to be a vacuum to pull O3 from the corona cell to the injector so the O3 can be injected and dissolved into water ensuring the product will work as intended. The blue light under the “IT” label on the OXIDIZE IT™ indicates that vacuum is being created, and O3 is being injected into the water.

Since a laundry room has high humidity the OXIDIZE IT™ has a heated, air dryer so that all the air being pulled in the corona cell has been dried to reduce corrosion internally on the corona cell providing a long life for the corona cell. Our competition does not dry the air.

The cell in the OXIDIZE IT™ is stainless steel and in the event, which is rare, that there is any corrosion, the cell can be flushed with warm water and it will resume its original performance.


The OXIDIZE IT™ cover is an enameled appliance grade product that presents itself as a high perceived value to your customers.

The OXIDIZE IT™ is protected against water back up. Other competitor products only have one check valve. If that failed, water can enter the corona cell land damage the unit. The OXIDIZE IT™ has a second in-line check valve so that in the event that the ball valve in the Mazzei venture injector failed, it protects the stainless steel corona cell.

Our OXIDIZE IT™ has been life tested for 25,000 life cycles – that is over 10 years in the average home. As well, the OXIDIZE IT™ uses all Tygon tubing which is ozone resistant. Other tubing has been known to yellow, crack and break over time in some other competitors units.

The OXIDIZE IT™ unit can be used on high efficiency, high flow, low flow and front load washing machines. OXIDIZER PRO has one unit that works with all washing machines types, where the completion has two different units.

Although we do not use hot water, we provide you with an extra hose that goes from the washing machine hot water inlet to the OXIDIZE IT™ hot water outlet. Because some high efficiency washing machines require water pressure on the hot water line and if there is no pressure, the sensor in the washing machine will throw it into an error mode and the washer will not work. OXIDIZE IT™ is the only detergent less laundry system that has this feature.

We are proud to put a 5 year warranty on all components in the OXIDIZE IT™ so that the average customer doing 7-8 loads of laundry per week saves an average of $677 per year. They can expect over a $3,300 savings in a five (5) year period, and at the same time they are using a product that is environmentally friendly, not utilizing harsh detergents that are petroleum based with phosphates and polluting the environment hurting Mother Nature. In addition, the OXIDIZE IT™ cleans clothes allergy free for those that suffer allergies from detergent.


Activated Oxygen Faucet

Nature's Strongest Disinfectant at Your Fingertips

ActivTapp® is the latest type of residential kitchen faucet that brings nature's most powerful cleaning agent, ozone, to your home. The faucet's patented technology mixes ozone with water to produce a powerful, natural disinfectant in seconds.

The ActivTapp® faucet delivers activated oxygen water from your homes water supply through the faucet equipment to reduce viruses, bacteria, and pesticides on vegetables, fruit, poultry, seafood, and meat. It helps keep food fresh, retaining flavor, quality, and color longer. In addition, food surfaces like counters, sinks, sponges, and cutting boards are disinfected and oxidized for less mold and mildew.

ActivTapp® faucets are easy to install, similar to any new faucet installation. The equipment is stored under the sink, and connects easily to the required utilities. Powered by any 120v outlet, it has a convenient on/off switch allowing the selection of ozone or no ozone. The side-spray faucet is delivers an ozone rinse, and the 3-way faucet delivers, ozonated, hot, or cold water.


  • Ozone is safer and environmentally friendlier than most other antimicrobials
  • Ozone is made on site, with nothing to store or transport
  • Ozone is a required treatment component for bottled water
  • Ozone is used in virtually every public drinking water utility that uses surface water or has problem water in the USA
  • Ozone leaves no residual chemicals on food product
  • Ozone has been given GRAS (generally recognized as safe) approval by the USDA and the USFDA for direct contact with food products, including all meat and poultry products, as well as a food additive
  • Ozone may extend shelf life
  • Ozone does not alter the taste of food


  • Kitchen sink
  • Utility sink
    • Fruits – Wash cloths
    • Vegetables – Reusable water bottles
    • Sponges – Meat, fish, poultry

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