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Whole House Water Purification

Water Purification System - water purification in Modesto, CA
Whole House Water Purification systems for home and business gives you usable, clean and soft water from every faucet.

Whole House Water Purification means the water in your home will be softened, significantly reducing the calcium build up in showers and sinks, and a reverse osmosis system will process the water to give you refreshing, instant quality drinking water.
AQUAS WATER – HAGUE offers a system that will satisfy a common size family of four to five. If you have a house with four or more bathrooms and more people in the home, we'd increase the size of the softener to accommodate. The water softener is salt or potassium regenerated to guarantee your water to be soft.

Rentals Available

Renting a system is a cost effective way to purify water.

System Installation

Call now for a Whole House Water Purification System

In order to give you a final price, we view the potential area you desire to place equipment, then we sample your water in order to analyze it. Based on the results, we can determine what problem issues need to addressed. Your water purification and conditioning system is customized to your requirements.

Outside spigots are left as hard water for the yard and plant water. If possible, a spigot by the garage will be plumbed with soft water for washing cars, etc. We will satisfy and cure water problems you may be experiencing!

All About Water

Two Sources of Water

Your water comes from either a deep city well system or from surface water or a combination of both. Well water is pumped from underground aquifers where natural, industrial and agricultural contaminants may enter the aquifers from time to time.

The quality of water entering your home is affected by the original water source quality, and if there have been any chemicals, chlorine, or chloramines added or other alteration of the water by the city or water company serving you.

The water lines to your home can also have a bearing on the quality of water that comes from your tap. Many older homes have galvanized or lead pipes that can pollute your water, which is not healthy for recommended for you and your family. Aquas Water – Hague, a distributor of Hague products, performs free water analysis to determine how to best customize your water treatment system.

Three Types of Water

  • Utility Grade
    • Utility grade water is used for watering your lawn, plants, etc.
  • Working Grade
    • Working Grade water is used for bathing, dish washing, washing clothes, etc.
  • Life Support
    • Life support water is for drinking, cooking, and requires the highest quality water treatment.

The Central Valley of California

The Central Valley is primarily an agricultural community with many dairies and farms. This means that there is seepage into the ground water from animal waste and insecticides. In addition, the underground water in this area is naturally full of other minerals and toxic natural chemicals. For example, there are areas within a few mile radius in Modesto in which the water supply to a residence will kill the plants if used for watering.

This is why AQUAS WATER – HAGUE believes in the importance of water treatment for your health and improved life. AQUAS WATER – HAGUE's representatives will analyze your water and determine the best water conditioning system for your home as well as a drinking water filtration system to provide pure, healthy water for you to not only improve the enjoyment of your life but to reduce the risk of illness which may occur due to contaminated water over time.

Elements Affecting Water Quality


The hardness of your water is determined by the amount of Calcium and Magnesium carbonates existing in the water. In the Central Valley of California, the water is generally hard to very hard. When the calcium and magnesium carbonates combine with soap, an insoluble (meaning it will not dissolve) substance forms and deposits inside of fixtures, appliances, and pipes.


pH indicates acidity or alkalinity of water. It ranges from 0 to 14 where 0-6.9 is acidic and 7.1-14 is alkaline. If the pH of water is 6.9 or below, corrosion begins. As an example, a pH of 6.0 is 10 times as corrosive as a 7.0 pH, and a pH of 5.0 is 100 times as corrosive as a 7.0 pH. Copper pipes corrode and are stained blue when the pH is on lower acidic side of 6.5 pH.


Iron is a common element found in ground water. It is measured in concentrations rangin from 10 to 10 ppm (mg/l). When the level of iron in the water is above 0.3 ppm, the taste of the water and a reddish staining, i.e., in sinks and toilets, will occur according to the U.S. Public Health Service Drinking Water Standards.

Sulfur and Other Chemicals in Water

Other chemicals may exist in your water which affects your water's taste as well as adding to the corrosion of your fixtures, appliances, and pipes. Sulfur is a colorless gas which smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide is a weak acid and causes corrosion. In the air, it tarnishes silver in a matter of seconds. Chlorine tastes and smells bad as well as being harmful to your body.

Total Water Conditioning by the WaterMAX® Can Treat all these problems.

For more questions on our water and air filtration services, contact our team in Modesto, CA at 209-527-6764.